1. Headline, Hook

2. Opening, to give context to let people know they are in the right place

3. Credibility, why should I listen to you?

Go into your expertise, the clients you have had. Vertel ze waarom warmtepanelen

4. Offer – How are you going to solve the problem of your clients

5. Bullets – a single benefits

6. Testimonials – a third party verification for you solution, to show it does what it claims to do.

7. Value justification – if I spend this money, is it worth it?

Financieel plan – de berekening

8. Risk reversal – disprove the risk people are making

Voorwaarden zodat je warmtepanelen goed werken.


Cv ketel

1 kamer of hele huis


9. Call to action – tell what you want them to do in return for all the points you have made

10. Urgency – tell them why they should buy now

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